Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which survey do I need?

A. The choice of survey depends partly on how much information you need and the age and complexity of the building. A building survey is more suitable for older period properties particularly where advice is needed on the correct methods of repair.

Q. How much will a survey cost?

Every house is different and I try to tailor the fee to the length of time I think it will take to carry out the whole survey process from initial research, the inspection through to final editing of the report. Generally speaking building surveys will cost about twice as much as a HomeBuyer.

Q. When will I get the report back?

A. From inspection it takes about five working days to get a building survey turned round but this can vary according to my workload. For HomeBuyer and Condition Reports the process is much simpler and the report is usually available online 2-3 days after the inspection. If I have your email address you will receive a link to download the report rather than having to wait for the posted copy.

Q. Can I meet you at the property?

A. I am always happy to meet clients at the property as it is much easier to explain any issues with the problem in front of you! I usually suggest that this is at the end of my inspection and it is important that you notify the estate agent to ensure that the vendors are happy. 

Q. Can I phone you after I have received the survey?

A. It is essential that you ring me to discuss any aspects of the report that concern you or areas that need some additional clarification or explanation.

Q. What happens if I discover a defect after I have moved in that you didn’t spot?

A. In accordance with RICS regulations I have a complaints handling procedure under which any unresolved dispute is referred to the Omburdsman Service: Property and I am required to carry Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover any loss.